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Pre-Dating Speed Dating, based in Plantation, Fla., is touted as the largest company in the world that sets up and hosts speed-dating events, guarantees a match and promises "quality" single professionals at its gatherings.Speed dating appeals to some people because the process is relatively inexpensive, involves no face-to-face rejection and allows participants to meet at least several people in a brief time."But what they're looking for is a serious relationship.And what we can do as matchmakers is vet people for them." Dating Directions, Cobey-Piper noted, accepts clients interested only in lasting relationships, not just dating.

"It's a great opportunity to find people who really want to date and find somebody," said Minto, 39.

"I just think it's a great way to meet new people - for networking, friends, dating, whatever," he said.

Matchmaking/ date coaching The idea of a trio working together to orchestrate someone's love life might sound extreme, but scores of couples have been united by Susie Hardesty, Elizabeth Cobey-Piper and Trey Kauffman.

Her strengths, she said, include her ability to connect with people, understand various personalities and empathize with others.

Most of her clients are referred by friends and acquaintances, Sprouse said, and most arrive after having tried to meet someone through other outlets such as online dating, setups by family members and friends, and the bar scene.

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"The median age for marriage has gone up over the years. For central Ohioans who fall within that group and happen to be "looking," The Dispatch explored a sampling of less- conventional dating services being offered (and tried) these days.

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  1. I am a bit of a party animal but I want a stable relationship with someone honest, beautiful and extroverted. Hello, I wouldnt like the world if given If crowns and thrones were promised, I wouldnt like to stay without you and quiet It is not so easy to desert you I wouldnt like it, wouldnt like to be without you...